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Marlies Cohen – Productivity Strategy and Time Management

Planning Is Everything

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 175 Plans are nothing. Planning is everything. ~Dwight Eisenhower Time Management Consider managing your attention instead of your time to be more productive. Manage your attention, your time management will much…

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Life Is Like a Game of Cards

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 174 “Life is like a game of cards. The hand your dealt represents determinism. The way you play it, is your own will.” Self-Development 12 questions that will change your life … → Read the full articl…

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Stress Is a Perception

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 173 “Stress is a thought, a perception, a point of view. Stop worrying. Worrying is toxic. Just let go.” ~Mark Hyman, MD Time Management Why You Really Don’t Have a Time Management Problem → Read the …

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It’s All About the Stories You Tell

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 172 Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell. ~Seth Godin Self-Development These 5 Things Stand Between You and Finding Work-Life Balance “If you’re interested in ‘balancing…

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2019 Dodecahedron Cube Calendars Are Ready!

Create your own Dodecahedron Cube Calendar by printing the design on heavy paper, cut it out and glue it together. I create these every year and always get more requests and email asking if the ones for the upcoming year are ready. Yes, they are… Conti…

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Take Responsibility For Yourself

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 171 Empower yourself and take responsibility for yourself, 100% of the time. ~Mel Robbins. Time Management 7 tips for managing your schedule like a pro. Have you ever considered using appointment slots? Optimize …

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Sleeping In Your Birthday Suit Is Good For You

13 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked (According to Science) Do you hate the feeling of clothes rubbing and chafing against your skin as you sleep? Do you enjoy the freedom of letting it all hang out? According to science, it’s actually good for …

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Never Change Your Goal

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 170 If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never change the goal. Self-Development Top Ten Tips for a Healthier Brain. How to improve your mood, energy, and concentration without medication. Find a …

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