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Marlies Cohen – Productivity Strategy and Time Management

Manage Your Life

Awesome Productivity Tips – #201: Time Management: time is not money; Habits:why you should be a lifelong learner; Strategy: your priorities make you less productive; Productivity: Why you need to audit how your use your time; Inspiration: the best way…

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Colors and Your Website

The colors you use in your website are important. They can have a big effect on your audience and at the same time they also convey the kind of person you are.Related Posts:Networking Etiquette TipsTurn 12 Uncomfortable Situations Into Successes17 Dail…

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Today I am celebrating publishing Issue 200 of Awesome Productivity Tips – Self-development: one thing to predict your future; Mindset: what are the right goals to be most productive; Success: doing uncomfortable things make you successful; Procrastin…

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Perfection Is Stagnation

Awesome Productivity Tips – #199: Time Management: stay focused to be productive; Habits: make one change to your routine; Success: 11 habits of successful women; Productivity: time isn’t money – productivity is; Inspiration: Kathryn Schulz TED Talk on…

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Reclaim Your Life – Stop Overthinking

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and your mind is going a mile a minute? Overthinking is like having an earworm constantly playing in your head. Related Posts:Turn 12 Uncomfortable Situations Into SuccessesNetworking Etiquette TipsAre You…

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Keep Going

Awesome Productivity Tips – #198: Self-Development: 10 tips; Habits: Small habits are easier to keep; Strategy: Why you need a success partner; Productivity: It’s OK to be messy; Inspiration: Cancel your :” how was your day question” to these Related …

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77 Important Truths About Life

Contemplate these 77 truths about life and be inspired.Related Posts:Are You Struggling With Self-Motivation?Turn 12 Uncomfortable Situations Into SuccessesIf you don’t know where to start …Networking Etiquette TipsDo You Use This One Simple Breakthrou…

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Lack of Focus Because of FOMO

To be successful you need focus. Don’t let FOMO hinder your success?Related Posts:Networking Etiquette TipsAre You Struggling With Self-Motivation?Turn 12 Uncomfortable Situations Into SuccessesThe Connection Between Sleep And ProductivityIf you don’t …

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Practice > Prepare > Be Patient

Awesome Productivity Tips – #196: Self-Development: simple tips to create for self-improvement; Habits: To improve your quality of life; Motivation: How to feel more motivated; Procrastination: Little known Google features that boost your productivity;…

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