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Marlies Cohen – Productivity Strategy and Time Management

Overthinking Kills Your Happiness

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 156 Overthinking kills your happiness. Time Management How To Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance. Are you a certified organizational ninja? It’s okay, nobody is–so steal this idea from career kicksta…

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Never Announce Your Moves Before You Make Them

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 155 Never announce your moves before you make them Self-Development “When was the last time you wanted something badly enough to die for it?” 2 more quotes that will reshape your approach to life … → Read t…

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On what should you focus to increase sales?

I strongly believe that inspiration comes from everything, not just the most logical place. So when I came across this article about how to increase sales, I realized that as a entrepreneur this information is not just helpful to increase sales, but al…

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Intentional Habits or Habit Created by Chance?

Your habits are an integral part of what you do each and every day. Because they are habits, you often don’t even realize it. “You make your habits and then your habits make you.” Many of your habits have been formed over the years unintentionally, but…

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Be The Hero of Your Story

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 153 If you are not excited about it, it’s not the right path. ~Abraham Hicks Self-Development Integrity and congruency mean very simply walk your talk. Check out these 18 Traits of People With True Integrit…

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To See the Future – Study the Past

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 152 To See the Future – Study the Past Time Management 25 time management hacks that actually work After you’ve have worked four 25 minute periods your body needs a 15-30 minute break … → Read t…

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