What is Marlies’ Creative Universe?

Marlies’s Creative Universe is ‘Sammelsurium’ German for hodge-podge of subjects. I call myself a renaissance woman and a “Jill of all trades”. I truly live in my own universe. My interests are all over the place and I just can’t help myself sharing my discoveries and what I have learned with others. Don’t hesitate to explore them all and don’t forget let me know what you think.


Discover the Best Way to Burn the Most Fat

Is there a simple formula to follow to burn the most fat? This video by Dr. Berg explains how to eat so that you can burn the most fat and eat healthy. Dr Berg’s optimal fat burning food combination from … Continue reading

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How to Start with Low Carb High Fat Eating

There are minor differences between the LCHF – low carb high fat lifestyle and Banting which is very popular in South Africa. For both, you will find that you are starting make your food from scratch again and stop eating … Continue reading

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LCHF YouTube Links

The low carb high fat way of eating explained. Check out these Youtube videos. Dr Eric Westman Dr Eric Westman – Duke University New Atkins Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Health → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSLf4bzAyOM ► 43:21 Debunking Low Carb Myths with … Continue reading

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LCHF FaceBook Groups and Pages Links

To learn more about LCHF check out these Facebook groups and pages. Some groups are private and you have to apply. Banting (Tim Noakes Diet) → https://www.facebook.com/groups/439080362861314/ Banting Diets & Recipes – Keto-SA →  https://www.facebook.com/BantingDietRecipes Banting like a Boss → … Continue reading

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LCHF, Keto and Paleo Site Links

All the links are directed at a low carb high fat way of eating even the Keto and Paleo sites. LCHF Sites Real Meal Revolution – Tim Noakes → Official Banting Website | Tim Noakes Diet | Real Meal Revolution … Continue reading

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