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Marlies Cohen – Productivity Strategy and Time Management

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

Yuval Harari is a historian and in this book he analyzes the information overwhelm of the 21st century. I heard him interviewed on the CBC’s Idea Show and just had to dig deeper into what he was talking about and share the information.Related Posts:Tur…

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Do Small Things in a Great Way

Awesome Productivity Tips – #211: Time management – 5 techniques; Habits – exercise workouts apply just as much to work; Strategy – assess your situation; Productivity – 8 unheard of tips; Inspiration – Simple problem-solving techniqueRelated Posts:S…

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The 7 Step Process to Reach Your Goal

It sound easy to reach your goal in 7 steps, but there is actually quite a bit of work involved in the preparation. Then there is the part of sticking with a routine till you have reached your goal.Related Posts:Networking Etiquette TipsAre You Struggl…

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Don’t Give Up Your Power to GROW

Awesome Productivity Tips – #210: Self-development – imagination vs self-control; Mindset – allow yourself to be your quirky self; Success – self-management beats time management; Productivity – ideas to stay focused; Inspiration – smartphone detox

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You Hold The Key

Awesome Productivity Tips – #209: Time Management – – tips for disorganized people; Habits – infographic to make changes; Motivation – there is momentum in your habits; Productivity – 28 tips from successful people, Inspiration – Shekhar Kapur about cr…

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Be Lead By Your Dreams

Awesome Productivity Tips – #208: Self-development – how to achieve mental toughness, Mindset – Simple mind exercises may help burnout, Success – 27 Simple ways highly successful people get ahead of everyone else, Productivity – 5 ways to make your wor…

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