December 2009 Numerology Forecast

Big BenThe universal influence for December is the number 2009+12=2021=2+2+1=5. The number 5 always has change and surprise associated with it. Read the full meaning below and don’t forget to read your personal month number also.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month use the Personal Month Calculator or add your month of birth to the above number.

#1 – A New Start

At the end of the year you get a head start  for next year as you have more opportunities and energy for a new start. Take that risk. Join a group, meet a new friend who shares that special interest of yours. Go visit a new place. You can state your needs very clearly now. Ask for what you want, be assertive and decisive. How about a new hairstyle or taking a class.

#2 – Somewhat of a Let Down

After feeling high from accomplishing so much last month this feels more like a letdown as you find yourself dealing with details that bring restrictions. It would be wise to back down on  threat. Be prepared for long group meetings. You need to analyze carefully and then reform. A relationship is demanding your attention. There is a strong feminine influence.

#3 – Reminize

You have reached the end of your nine year cycle and can now reminize over the good memories. Use your imagination and intuition to feel out the new phase your will be entering into. Look ahead.

#4 – Complete the Outstanding Work

It is time to finish all the work that needs to be done by the end of the year. This season has  very strong sense of tradition and family as well as duty. There is work to be done both in or on the home. You suddenly realize that a plan or work will bear fruit later on. You are strongly committed to a schedule. Money will be very tight unless you have saved all year.

#5 – Shortlived Change

Yes there will be changes, but they will only last a couple of months. You are very restless and want things to change. Travel if you can.

#6 – Take Responsibility

You take responsibility and devote yourself to others, and work on the house. This is a great time to spend Christmas at home with family. Timing is perfect for creative work. You feel more loving and secure. At the same time you might be fantasizing about marriage now, but you should wait until February as changes are coming your way in January that may alter our decision.

#7 – Virtual Hibernation

This month is going to be a time of virtual hibernation. You have a strong need to relax and analyze what you have been doing, and where you are going. It is also a poor month for money unless you have a popular specialty. You enjoy spending time alone. Be less demanding of your mate, visit the country or go on  retreat. Don’t fight the circumstances. It is time to get in touch with your spiritual side.

#8 – Excellent Business Opportunities

This month offers excellent business opportunities as the long awaited change arrives. You work hard and reap much success. This is the time for promotion, money, authority, supervision and work with groups and institutions. You are wheeling and dealing, buying, selling and exchanging, which can lead towards ostentatious behavior. You feel strong and confident.

#9 – Accomplishment & Satisfaction

Perhaps this is the time of very great accomplishment and satisfaction. Above all it is time to finish all projects and don’t start anything new. Be tolerant and philosophical in all matters. Let your higher self, not your ego guide your and make decisions. It is time to let go and aid humanitarian causes.

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