November 2009 Numerology Forecast

The Universal influence for November is the number 4. November will be a month of changes as we are reorganizing our lives. Read more about the #4 below about how the influences will affect us all and then read your own personal #.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month use the Personal Month Calculator

#1 – Excellent Business Influences

It is time to start that major project as business influences are excellent this month. You have incredible energy available that is necessary for accomplishments.  This is a month of decisions, purchases, promotions, advances and clashes of wills, heavy machinery, publications, launchings and maybe even heroism.

#2 – Be Patient

Don’t force things right now as you have to wait and see how your ideas of last month are working out. So above all be patient. There is still something to complete. This is a month for relationships, so send a card to your mother, wife or sister. Also make time to take care of your health.

#3 – Much Nervous Energy

Timing is great for short trips, many phone calls. Your creative energy is high which could be good for plays or any other artistic pursuits. But your nervous energy is also high, so find a way to stay calm. This is an excellent month for sales promotions. A short separation from your mate is also possible.

#4 – Reorganize

You will find yourself busy reorganizing both at home and at work. Realize that you are a work in progress and make the necessary alignments. Have all your summer clothes cleaned and put away, file those papers that have been piling up. Start that long-range project, but be very careful with your money. There is a strong tendency right now to be stubborn, negative or stern because others are not pulling their weight, don’t take it personally. It is not a good time to travel.

#5 – Possibly Explosive Month

Are you ready for some clashes of wills? This could be potentially be a very explosive month for you. Many things may change and surprise you. If you are looking for a mate your chances are much better than they were in February. You have the urge to travel and experiment. You could experience a temporary separation from your mate. Opportunities are coming to you. You are at easy being in the public eye which is great for publicity, performing, selling and playing. Your energy is hight and makes you attractive to others. The high energy is also great for recuperation from an operation or illness.

#6 – You Are the Go to Person

Everyone is coming to you for help. It is a domestic time for serving others. There is also the potential of a marriage. Pay attention to your promises and follow through. You feel very secure or do you feel trapped? This is an important period for emotional growth.

#7 – Time Out

Time to slow down and take time for yourself. Money will arrive in its own time. There is a lesson my may not want to learn. Take time to exercise. You may meet a very unusual person whom you feel you have known before. This is a warning: do not have an affair with a married person!

#8- Major Push to Accomplish

It is time again for another major push to accomplish. It is time that you realize just how competent you are. It would be prudent to buy a burglar alarm, and start a disciplined health program. You may be promoted or receive money that has been coming for a long time. If you buy something, make sure that is of long-lasting value. You might have to make a major decision about your family life. You could serve on a jury.

#9 – Time of Completion

A time of completion even if it is not the end of the year yet. If you are unemployed do not despair, you will be hired next month. Now is the time to be patient and reach out to others. Visualize what you would like to have appear. Be tolerant, forgive and let go. If possible travel and take that trip.

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