Numerology – Personal Month

The Personal Month in Numerology describes what our lessons are during its course, the trends and particular influences that are affecting us personally.

The Universal Month in Numerology in contrast describes the general or universal trends and influences.

Its influence combines with the Personal Month. Both numbers offer us a road map for the month, but we are the drivers and therefore in charge of our own life.

To find out what the Universal Month is, add up the calendar month and the current year.

July 2009 = 7+2+9=18=1+8=9.
The Universal Month Number for June is 9.

Universal Months Descriptions
1 Month of new starts 6 Month of taking care of others
2 Month of patient development 7 Month of quietude, examination and analysis.
3 Month of active social life 8 Month of taking control of your life
4 Month of taking care of business 9 Month of completions
5 Month of speculation and enthusiasm

To find out what your Personal Month Number is take your birth day and your birth month and current month and add to that the current year.

Birthday:          June 13
Current Month: September
Current Year:    2009 = 1+3+6+9+2+0+0+9=30=3+0=3
The Personal Month Number for the example is 3


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