August 2010 Numerology Forecast

cooperate - details

cooperate - details

August 2010 has the Masternumber 11/2 and will find us working out the details of what we have created in July. The pace is going to be slow, don’t try to forces things and be patient. Read the rest of the forecast for #2 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month use the Personal Month Calculator or add your month and day of birth and the current month and year.

#1 – Change Comes into Effect

A change is taking effect and bringing with it new solutions to old problems. You are ready to be more assertive. You could met someone new. You see a different aspect of yourself.

#2 – Pace Is Slow

You are beginning to work on the details you created last month. The pace is still slow, so be patient. Enjoy time spent with your mate and friends. Be very careful with everything you undertake. It is important to listen and cooperate. It is a good idea to simplify your life. Analyze your encounters with others — what are they trying to tell you?

#3 – Creativity

August will turn out to be a very creative month. You are drawn to take a short trip and happily entertain friends for dinner. This is a very optimistic time, maybe the birth of a child. Life favors you.

#4 – Back to Work Again

Yes it is time to get back to work again with a sigh, especially in light of changes in work schedules that may bring more restrictions that feel comfortable to you. You family calls, pets have to be taken to the vet unexpectedly. In all this stay centered and make a list of your goals.

#5 – Change or Conflict

Be ready for change or conflict on the home front. It is important to be flexible and adaptable right now. This is a great time for a trip. You want to serve the public. You could meet a possible mate. Most importantly follow your curiosity and explore new ideas.

#6 – Family

The headline for August reads: Family. Many people turn to you for help and sense your feeling of security. An old family issue comes to the surface again and has to be dealt with once and for all. You must keep your promises now. With all those demands on you don’t overbook yourself. Find a way to remain centered, a spiritual practice, meditation and study will help. Go take a class: art, sewing, cooking whatever your heart draws you to. Invite good friends for dinner.

#7 – You’re an Expert

It is time for a rest. How about going on a retreat. Meditate, pay attention to your health and the tendency to overwork. Do something for yourself, unique and special. People are drawn to you for your expertise. Be patient with the arrival of money. If you are looking for work, next month looks more promising.

#8 – Business Opportunities

Promotion, retirement or bonus are all possible this month as business opportunities are picking up. You apply yourself to complete a projects. You could find yourself working with international agencies, large corporations, and charities. You might also want to pursue cultural projects, publishing, research and teaching. The result will probably be seen next month. There are large sums of money on the way, a possible inheritance. You will have to make a major life decision. Use good judgment.

#9 – Tie Up Loose Ends

What a perfect time to travel and broaden your contacts.  Let go of the unworkable and when possible finish old projects and tie up loose ends. Have faith and hope for the best and go with the flow. Enjoy your sense of accomplishment, but don’t start anything new just yet.

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