March 2010 Numerology Forecast

creativeMarch’s universal number is 6 (2010+3=2+1+3=6) and brings with it creative urges that are repressed by increased responsibility. Read the rest of the forecast for the #6 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month use the Personal Month Calculator or add your month of birth to the number above.

#1 – Begin That New Project

The time has come to begin that new project. You find that you have renewed energy. You set your goal and its success revolves around your special talent or skill. You are learning something new about something old. If you are single you could meet your future mate. You may feel isolated, but you are in period of maturation that requires solitude, understanding and wisdom. Know that you do not know it all. You may be asked to give up something.

#2 – Slow Down

This month forces you to slow down a bit, to do things well and to pay close attention to details. To succeed this month be cooperative rather than assertive. You feel held down and may want to make changes that you cannot effect yet. Love is much on your mind. You feel emotional, but you have no problems controlling your feelings. You have strong sense of justice.

#3 – Creative Burst

This month brings a surprising, creative bursts. If you are an artist do your utmost to take full advantage of it by writing and painting or any other way your a creatively inclined. Travel, it does not matter if it is a short or a long trip. Enjoy the company of friends and be generous. Learn that foreign language. You have a very active social life this month and are happy to give and sympathize.

#4 – Time for Making Changes

It is time to make changes, that could be in business, work, career or family situation. Take on more responsibility in your domestic situation. Start long-range plans or a goal or begin to build something tangible. The overall feeling for the month is one of restriction as you have to make decisions that affect your future. Don’t gambel with the unknown, do your research.

#5 – Change Comes

The hoped for change arrives, but does not clarify your situation. You find it hard to know what to do and have difficulty completing what you have started. On top of it there are conflicts in relationships. You realize that love and sex don’t always go together.

#6 – Increased Responsibilities

You have a that strong urge to express yourself creatively, but have to take care of the needs of your family instead.  This is a time of increased responsibilities. Use the need to redecorate as your creative outlet or any other that will combine the creative with the useful and needed. This month is a time of service, education and emotional attachment.

#7 – Pay Attention to Your Health

This is a critical time for your health. Don’t work too hard. Make time for quiet breaks. Learn more about your profession and practice your skills. Money prospects may be disturbing.

#8 – Use Good Judgment

If you are looking for a job, this will be the month you will get something better than you expected. Promotion, more money and also more expenses are other possibilities coming your way in March. Business influences are excellent, but use good judgment. Only take the risk on what you have researched well. Exercise sell-control.

#9 – Completion?

There is a strong feeling of completion in the air, but do not attempt new ventures just yet. You always feel the pull toward religion and community action groups. You could lose a relative. Long distance travel this month might be up due to a family member or service group. An inheritance is another possibility.

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