October 2010 Numerology Forecast

photo: Marlies Cohen

photo: Marlies Cohen

It is October again, how time flies and with it we get a small glimpse of what 2011 will have in store for us as October and 2011 carry the same influence number. October’s universal influence tells us that it is time to catch up on our work and that we can’t expect to get away with too much. Say what you mean and do what you say. Read the rest of the influence for the number 4 now and also your personal number.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month use the Personal Month Calculator or add your month and day of birth and the current month and year.

#1 – A Glimmer of a New Idea

You have a strong desire to start over and are catching just the glimmer of a new idea. You are ready to begin your plans for the future and meeting new people. Change jobs or move if you feel the need to do so. You are feeling clearer now, and more confident.

#2 – It’s not Your Fault

The setbacks you are experiencing are not your fault, but rather other people’s schedules, unfinished details or a lack of money. Personal relationships play a very important role right now. The best advice could come from a woman. This month is teaching you to learn patience and the importance of analyzing the situation.

#3 -Get out of the Routine

Use your imagination in this very romantic time. It is time to get out of your routine and ease up a bit. You are ready to take that trip if you can. Working with woman’s groups is also very beneficial right now. Be optimistic and let go of past worries. Remember your sense of humor and be generous in small ways. Remember it is the icing that makes the cake special. In this tight economic climate it is best not to splurge.

#4 – Frustration and Restrictions

Frustration and restrictions are the keywords for this month. It is time to catch up on your work. Apply yourself and don’t expect to get away with too much. Also this is not the best time to travel.

#5 – Change & Surprise

You can sigh a sigh of relief as there is a temporary lightening of the load as change, surprise and maybe even upset are coming your way. On the other hand selling and promoting are are highlighted. It is important to stay disciplined — don’t give up or give in. No matter how hard it is, resist the temptation to have an affair. It is very important to stay flexible and adaptable. It is great to have goals and plans, but don’t expect things to go the way you have planned this month.

#6 – Domestic Changes

Are you ready for domestic changes? A sudden marriage, a baby? Above all take care of your family this month. Make the necessary repairs on your home. People will be leaning on you. You are feeling a bit more secure and happy again. This is a time of service and not a good time to be stubborn.

#7 – Things Quiet Down

Finally things are quieting down — are they or did they just collapse! You need to spend some time alone. Take the time and finish those projects that are most important to you. Explain to your family that you just need to have some room to yourself. This is the month to take a time of retreat.

#8 – Decisions

Work pays an important role this month and you have to make a major decision again. Your cash flow is slow, but steady. Did you put off working on that long range project? It is time to get to work on it. You are finally seeing how the material and spiritual sides of life interact with each other.

#9 – A Sense of Relief

Finally, a sense of relief as a trying circumstance is ending. It is not time yet to start something new. This is the time when once and for all you have to give up a petty attitude that is blocking your energy. This month could also bring the end of an illness.

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