April 2011 Numerology Forecast

taking care of business

taking care of business

April carries the universal number frequency of 8. Taking care of business is highlighted and you are advised to trust to you judgement. Read more below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month add your month and day of birth and the current month and year like in the example below.

Example: Feb 3, April 2011
2+3 +4 +2+0+1+1=13=1+3=4

#1 – Go-ahead

You just got the go-ahead for the new project. You are full of fresh energy and vitality associated with a feeling of accomplishment. This is the perfect time to meet your future mate, getting married or the birth of a child. You are ready to buy a new house.

#2 – Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition is excellent right now. You are unconsciously led to the right place. You could meet someone special or eccentric. On the money front it is very slow going and you will have to wait for everything. You are asked to be a perfectionist. Life will run smoothly by being very yielding and cooperative. Don’t even consider being assertive and above all persevere in all projects.

#3 – Puzzling Month

This will turn out to be a very puzzling month. Timing is great for business involving entertainment or selling of luxury items. You should have a quite interesting social life, but it could get in the way of accomplishment and leaving you feeling like you do not get much done. This month, however, is a very creative time for you. So paint, perform, write, and teach. Take short trips and be extravagant.

#4 – Work and Details

A month of hard work and details. It is time to sign contracts. You will experience struggles with relative or changes in the family. It is time to finish all projects. Give money to charities if you can afford it. This is a period that will ground you, but it will also feel restrictive. Make sure all your plans are well laid.

#5 – Change & Surprise

In this changeable and quite surprising month expect conflicts and outbursts. It is a time to take legal commitments seriously. Stay as flexible as possible as a trip or move are just one of the possibilities to happen. At the same time you are feeling more independent than ever and are willing to risk the unusual. In matters of love, a current love affair probably will not last. Your sex drive is up. Pay attention to what you eat during this busy time and schedule in some exercise.

#6 – Harmony

You can see now quite clearly what makes your life more harmonious. This is a month where everyone wants something from you and you have trouble saying no. Your month will run more smoothly when you make your heart your focus and stay with the traditional. You feel best when you can teach, nurture, help and serve.

#7 – Re-evaluation Time

It is time to pull back and re-evaluate. So limit your projects to give you more quiet time. You are feeling more withdrawn and wish to pursue special projects, such as learning technical subjects or going on a retreat. On the money front the news is to stay patient as there could be a delay because something has not surfaced yet. It is a good idea to hold back on a decision right now and start a savings account.

#8 – Trust Your Judgment

You have excellent judgment now and know how to avoid risks. You could receive a promotion or take on more responsibility. Timing is perfect for major purchase and or buying property. Something could end up costing you more than expected. Are you ready to start a business? Now is the time to do it. You could get audited. It is important to stay centered and not to waste time.

#9 – Confusing Time

This will turn out to be a rather confusing time. Before you can start something new it is a good idea to finish all ongoing projects as you will feel adrift, restless and eager to start something, but what? It is time to use your intuition or ask your dreams for images to guide you. Take a long trip to get a new perspective. Get out of your rut, but don’t force matters. Life, however, will change enough without your help. So be forgiving and tolerant and yield control.


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