Cutting Down A Tree – Step by Step Pictures – 2008

27/05 2008

We had a big beech tree in our backyard on a hill and bit by bit it was dying. Also there seems to be a problem with beech trees, the leaves come out fine, but after about 2 weeks the leaves have brown spots. So, this year we decided it was time to take it down. I had no intention of doing it myself. At my age using a chain saw didn’t seem a good idea. Also beech is one of the hardest woods and the dead branches I tried to cut off with a hand saw took forever. We thought it best to hire professionals to do the job and they did a great job.

I saw on the other end of the hill with my camera and kept on taking pictures so that I would have a cool sequence of the way they took the tree down. Here is the sequence of how they tackled the job.

climbing the tree
cutting bits of the tree step by step
just about done

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