How Do You Keep Track of Your Patches?

LifeWave patches

LifeWave patches

Once I received the patches and opened the packages I realized that there was one thing missing and that was that they were not labeled. So how do you keep track of the patches? What if the packages open and get all mixed up? That could turn out to be an expensive mistake.

The solution I came up with was to write on the back of the patches what they were. I wrote just one or two letters, ie. IW, EE, G, C etc. 

Then I read someplace that the TAN patches in IceWave and Energy Enhancer can be told apart by the color. It seems that the Energy Enhancer patch is lighter in color than the IceWave patch.

Another fact is that the WHITE IceWave and Energy Enhancer patches are the same and can be used with either TAN patch.


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