July 2011 Numerology Forecast

friendsJuly 2011 carries the universal number frequency of 11/2. Distractions will come from many, many details that vie for your attention. Make time to spend with your mate and friends. Read the rest for the #2 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month add your month and day of birth and the current month and year like in the example below.

Example: Feb 3, July 2011

#1 – New Energy

New energy is coming your way, maybe even signifying the real emphasis of the whole year. You are ready to take a trip, start a new job (or two – you may have more than one this year), begin your thesis, write a play, buy watercolor and paper. You are drawn to go to a museum or concert. Do at least one thing this month that you have been hesitant to do. Be assertive and don’t wait. Make a list.

#11/2 – Details Cause Distractions

Details will cause you many distractions this month. You are doing research that is work-related. Check your accounts. Make time to spend with your mate and friends. Income is slow and restricted, so be patient, helpful and diplomatic. Pay attention to your health.

#3 – Urge to Goof Off

It’s summer after all and July brings a strong urge to good off, so take a vacation, play and ignore responsibility, but put your credit card away. This month will turn out to be quite scattered and you will find that you will not accomplish much. At the same time you will be very active and busy. Your energy is centered around your friends, contacts and your social life. If you can focus long enough, timing is great for creativity.

#4 – Restriction and Responsibility

You will find that this month will bring quite a bit of restriction and responsibility. Timing is not right to travel as you have to get work done at home and on the job. You will be doing more supervising, teaching and visiting sick relatives. Find ways to replenish your savings account. Do the work that needs to be done on your home. You are learning patience, endurance and follow-through.

#5 – Excitement and Possibilities

A month that brings excitement and possibilities. You are ready to change your living conditions and want to travel. Keep your communication channels clear. If conflict arises, examine your motives to see if you are being clear about your intentions. You feel restless and more passionate.

#6 – Time for Commitment

In this time for a major commitment, a marriage is possible, you feel secure and settled. Your domestic life is the dominant one for this month and crowds out your business consideration briefly. How about buying bikes for the kids, add on to your home, buy a family car? You respond to the needs of others. You could be involved in an inheritance. You are ready to support and organization, and go to school.

#7 – Spiritual and Psychic Influences

Be prepared for very heavy spiritual, psychic and religious influences. You need to let go of your will and let fate take its course. It is time to evaluate where you are and where you are going. Do not initiate and projects now. Take steps to finish a projects or let it end of it own accord. Rest, meditate and go on a long trip.

#8 – Decision Time

July asks you to make major decisions involving money, a possible promotion, more responsibility and authority. You could be making a judgement or one could be made on you. Even though it is summer, you will be working hard and long hours. At this time your head rules your heart.

#9 – Something Comes to an End

With this midyear ending you will have to readjust to different circumstances. It is a good idea to finish your projects, on the other hand take a long distance trip if you can afford it. Beware that you are currently particularly vulnerable and impressionable. Timing is perfect for artistic inspiration and spiritual realization. Don’t force your will on others.



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