Current Research Involving Cell Phone Radiation Suggests… – Part 3

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cell phone radiationThere are over 4 billion people around the world who use cell phones, and this number continues to grow at a steady rate. Cell phone technology is also advancing at a rapid pace. However the newness of this technology leaves more questions than answers. Independent research done in the field indicates some intriguing data. Here are a few facts about cell phones, electromagnetic radiation and radiation standards:

  • Scientists have known for decades that high doses of the radiofrequency radiation emitted by cell phones can penetrate the body, heat tissues, trigger behavioral problems and damage sensitive tissues like the eyeball and testicle.1
  • When cell phones went on the market in the 1980’s, federal regulators did not require manufacturers to prove they were safe.2
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted radiation standards developed by the cell phone industry 17 years ago. These standards, still in use, allow 20 times more radiation to reach the head than the rest of the body. They do not account for risks to children.3
  • Cell phones communicate via electromagnetic waves. During signal transmission, a comparable amount of radiation travels outward, towards the base station, and inward towards the ear or head of the cell phone user.4,

Many doctors, scientists and researchers agree that more research needs to be conducted to fully understand the potential risk of cell phone radiation and its long term effects on the human body. LifeWave’s solution, codenamed Project: Cell Shield, gives you peace of mind by successfully reducing the amount of radiation that you are exposed to!

cell shield

cell shield

This image shows a SAR hotspot (specific absorption rate)
in relation to cell phone radiation heats human tissue in the head.

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