What do We Really Know about Cell Phone Radiation? – Part 2

2nd article in a series about cell phone radiation from Lifewave.com

avoid cell phone radiationThe International Telecommunications Union estimates that the number of cell phone subscriptions worldwide is about 5 billion. The United States recorded a three-fold increase in cell phone subscriptions over a decade, with 110 million users recorded in 2000 and an estimated 303 million users in 2010. This rapidly growing number of cell phone users has prompted many to question the potential risk that cell phones create, especially in regards to radiation emission and potential health risks. So what do we really know about cell phone radiation?

All cell phones emit what is called electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. This type of radiation is considered “non-ionizing,” as opposed to x-rays, radon and gamma rays which are considered “ionizing” radiation and known to increase the risk of cancer. The risks of EMR are still relatively unknown; however it is still absorbed by soft tissues of the body closest to wherever the phone is being held. Currently, the only known biological effect of radiofrequency energy is heating. Microwave ovens employ this type of radiation to heat food.

What is also unknown is the long term effects of what this heating may do to the body and the true and lasting nature of what EMR is capable of doing.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a recent study showed that when people used a cell phone for 50 minutes, brain tissues on the same side of the phone’s antenna metabolized more glucose than did tissues on the opposite side of the brain. The researchers noted that the results are preliminary, and possible health outcomes from this increase in glucose metabolism are still unknown.¹

LifeWave has taken a proactive approach to this growing concern, developing a product that is effective at dramatically reducing the amount of electromagnetic radiation that reaches the human body from cell phones. This product named Matrix: Cell Shield, will be released in April to the general public in order to provide a product that provides a real reduction in radiation from cell phones.

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