Yes, You Can Reduce Radiation, NOT Signal Strength!

Matrix logoReduce your exposure to cell phone radiation,
but not the quality of your signal

You know that LifeWave’s newest product, Matrix is a powerfully effective solution for reducing more than 85% of the radiation emitted from your cell phone. You also know that LifeWave is committed to delivering the highest quality products to our members and customers.

What you should also know is that we have received many questions from our LifeWave family members asking if the powerful reduction in radiation that Matrix provides affects the quality of your phone calls and your phone signal strength.

The great news is – Matrix DOES NOT
reduce the quality of your phone signal!

When LifeWave was developing the Matrix technology, one of the challenges that we faced was how to reduce radiation while keeping the integrity of the phone signal. The phone antenna, or in many cases multiple antennas, are responsible for much of the emitted radiation and their location varies depending on phone model. This means that in order to properly and effectively reduce radiation each phone must have a customized solution. LifeWave’s solution to this challenge is to offer customized Matrix products for individual cell phone models.

LifeWave has been able to create Matrix to both absorb and deflect radiation resulting in less radiation reaching the body. Furthermore, the specific combination of material and design of Matrix allows for both a reduction in radiation, and the ability of the cell phone to maintain the integrity of the signal. Our focus groups showed that when Matrix was used on the iPhone4 in big cities with excellent service, and out in the country with very little service, there was no loss in ability to send/receive messages or emails, or to place and receive phone calls.

What this means for our members and customers is that you can rest assured knowing that you are reducing your exposure to cell phone radiation, while still having full use of your cell phone, without losing any quality!

For more information on Matrix, please visit this page.

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