2014 Tapping World Summit Is Starting on Feb 24/2014

Are you ready for the 6th annual Tapping World Summit starting on February 24/2014? How time flies, it feels like yesterday when the first summit took place. EFT and tapping have come a long way and are taking the world by storm.

Are you new to tapping? Tapping is acupressure and no tools are necessary as you already have the tools, your finger tips.

Sign up to the Tapping World Summit or click on the picture below.

2014 World Tapping Summit
2014 World Tapping Summit

Watch this video interview with Nick Ortner and Dr. Wayne Dyer where he will share with you how to use the power of forgiveness, along with EFT Tapping, to release yourself from the binds of the past.

Do you know that the Tapping Solution Facebook Page has already over 75,000 LIKES?

If you would like to learn more about Tapping and EFT, please contact me.
I am using a form of FasterEFT, that as the name says, is FASTER.


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