October 2015 Numerology – Sense of Relief

The universal October numerology forecast predicts a sense of relief as some trying circumstance is ending … Read the rest for the #9 below. The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast.

October 2015 numerology forecast

To find your own personal month: add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below.

Example: Feb 3 (2 + 3), October (10) 2015
2 + 3 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5

#1 – A Glimmer of a New Idea

With the glimmer of a new idea you have a strong desire to start over.
Now you can begin yourp lans for the future.
Go out and meet new people.
Change jobs or move is you have the urge to do so.
You are feeling clearer now and more confident.

#2 – Setbacks

Be prepared for setback due to other people’s schedules, unfinished details or lack of money.
Pay close attention to personal relationships.
A woman may offer you advice.
It’s time to learn patience and analyze the situation.

#3 – Imaginative Romantic Time

This month brings you an imaginative and romantic time.
It’s time to ease up and get out of the routine.
Take that trip if you can.
Stay optimistic and let go of past worries.
Remember your sense of humour.
Be generous in small ways, but do not splurge.

#4 – Work – Work – Work

Time to catch up on your work.
Don’t expect to get away too much.
This month is not the best time to travel.
You may be frustrated by restrictions.

#5 – Change – Surprise – Upset

A temporary lightening of the load as change, surprise and upset come your way.
Timing is perfect for selling and promotion.
Stay disciplined —don’t give up or give in.
Resist the temptation to have an affair.
It is very important to be very flexible and adaptable right now.
Don’t expect things to go the way you planned.

#6 – Domestic Changes

Are you ready for changes in the domestic scene? Are you getting married suddenly?
Above all take care of family.
Do the repairs around the house.
People will lean on you this month.
You feel a little more secure and happy.
This is a time to serve.
Don’t be stubborn.

#7 – Things Quiet Down

Things quiet down or maybe you collapse.
Schedule some time alone or go on a retreat.
Carefully finish those projects that are most important to you.
Explain to your family that you need to have some room to yourself.

#8 – Decision Time

Be careful when making decision, signing deals or making promises or anything to do with money.
You can trust your intuition this month more than logic.
In any situation use good judgment, especially in power struggles with others.

#9- Sense of Relief

You can breathe a sigh of relief  as some trying circumstance is ending, but don’t start anything new just yet.
Once and for all give up the petty attitude that is blocking your energy.
An illness will finally come to an end.

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