MCUniverse Syndication

I started my website in April 1997 and it has grown so much that I had to split it up into different sections. In this main site you will find my more personal interests as well as information that I could not fit into the other sites.

My MCUniverse syndicated page feeds all those different sections together again. Let me know if I should keep it going.

Emotional Confusion – Jan 2018 – Numerology Forecast

The Universal January numerology forecast informs you expect emotional confusion. You will also find it hard to accomplish anything now … Read the rest for the #3 below. The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast that … [Continue Reading …]

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Tip #130 – Art Is Not What You See

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 130 Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. ~Edgar Degas Self-Development 43 Ways to improve yourself in just 10 minutes … → Read the full article Motivation How to become the … Read more …

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Do You Fall Into These Productivity Traps?

How often to you review what you have accomplished? It does not matter if your reviews are monthly, quarterly or yearly. What is important, is to check and see if there is a trend showing that alerts you to something … Read more …

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Life Is An Adventure

Your life is bracketed by 2 bookends of opinions of loved ones and friends. At one end when you are young your parents and friends want to guide and protect you with well-meaning advice from mistakes they see that are … [Continue Reading …]

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