Yes, You Can Make Your Own 7″ Tablet Cover

7" Tablet Cover Instructions

7" Tablet Cover InstructionsDid you get a tablet computer for the holidays? These computer are lots of fun and so practical, but the screen gets easily scratched. I went looking in the stores for a cover, but did not find any I liked. … Continue reading -›

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Plastic Placemat As Canvas for Moon And Sun Paintings

sleeping moon painted on a plastic placemat

sleeping moon painted on a plastic placemateI like to use items not designed for the medium I am using and create something original. That often means recycling something or other. Here I used stained glass patterns for the designs, craft paint, liquid fabric paint and plastic placemats. I … Continue reading -›

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Clothes Pin Wishing Well

clothes pin wishing well

clothes pin wishing wellOne day while browsing through a craft magazine I saw that somebody used clothes pins to cover the outside of a container. That gave me the idea to make miniature wishing wells. Material clothes pins small containers, shaving foam or … Continue reading -›

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Homemade Board Game for Lego Blocks

Homemade Lego Game Board

Homemade Lego Game BoardSo, your kids love playing with Lego blocks and you wonder if there is another way to play with them? Yes, there is! I came across this simple Lego Game Board idea and created my own version by making a few changes … Continue reading -›

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Paper Embroidery ATC Cards

After my introduction to paper embroidery I just had to play around with it some more to see what I could come up with. As I like to work with small items I started with ATC cards. original posting date – February 25/2008 Paper Embroidery Geisha ATC Card On Saturday’s shopping trip I checked out [...]

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