Google+ Marketing Tips and Resources Infographic

google plus

google plusGoogle+ is a work in progress and who can keep track of all the changes. This infographic has lots of tips and resources to keep you in the loop to become a successful Google+ marketer. Source: Plus Your Business   … [Read more]

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[2014] Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet

social networks

social networksThe different social networks change their image size so often that it is hard to keep track of it. This the latest cheat sheet for the various sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. I am putting … [Read more]

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How To Create Your Own XMind Marker File

XMind - Mind Mapping

XMind - Mind MappingI found out that I liked using XMind to mindmap to put my thoughts together. For the moment I am using the free version, which is quite adequate right now. After a lot of searching for extra ‘marker’ files, I … [Read more]

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Is Gmail’s New Tab System Not Working for You?


GmailIs Gmail’s new tab system not working for you or are you confused about it? Many people are annoyed that Google is telling you which emails you want to read? They have just organized their Gmail to their liking and … [Read more]

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My 7 Favorite Online Free Storage Sites

online storage

online storageIn today’s world where you have a computer, a phone and or a tablet online storage helps you keep everything uptodate and easily accessible. So I created my list of my 7 favorite FREE online storage sites. The free storage size … [Read more]

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3 Things To Pay Attention To When Installing Free Software

Defend against malware

Defend against malwareSometimes you want to try out software before you buy it, or you pick it because you don’t want to buy software, but regardless of the reason there are 3 main things to pay attention to when installing with free software. Download … [Read more]

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WordPress Most Popular Plugins

wordpress icon

wordpress iconJust came across this helpful infographic at WP Template with the most popular WordPress plugins. If you are new to WordPress or long time user, it is always helpful to see what others are doing. The list with the links … [Read more]

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What Is The Best Way to Create a Lead Capture Landing Page?

landing page tips

landing page tipsAs an Internet marketer you get bombarded with so much information as to what’s the best wasy to create a landing page that works. This article is pretty comprehensive and helpful: 15 Steps to the Ultimate Lead Capture Landing Page … [Read more]

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The 100+ BEST Apps For Every Platform

best android apps

best android appsMany times I have wondered what the best apps are Windows and now also for my  Android Nexus tablet. Here is a page with the 100 best apps for every platform. After reviewing thousands of software products, asking their readers for … [Read more]

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How to Craft a Great Tweet?


TwitterTo create a great tweet you only have 140 character, not much to play with. Here are a couple of tips to make your tweet stand out: The best way to get your message across is to style your tweet … [Read more]

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