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Marlies Cohen – Productivity Strategy and Time Management

Do You Have Personal Rules?

Have you ever considered having your own personal rules to follow? These rules are your GPS that guides you without first having to figure things out. It allows you get through the day more efficiently, accomplish your tasks faster and finish your day …

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Tip #142 – Keep On Learning

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 142 The more your learn, the more you discover what else you need to learn. Time Management Stop managing your time and start owning it … Protect your time like a valuable investment. → Read the full articl…

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Tip #141 – Procrastinate Your Procrastination

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 141 Procrastinate your procrastination to get more done. ~Carthage Buckley Self-Development 15 truths about self-love we all need to remember … → Read the full article Habits – How to get more done with (a …

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Tip #140 – Procrastination Is Like Credit

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 140 Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. ~Christopher Parker Motivation – How to train yourself to stay focused. It’s hard to break out of the … Read …

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Change – March 2018 – Numerology Forecast

The Universal March numerology forecast informs you that change is on the way, but it does not clarify your situation. Expect conflict in relationships … Read the rest for the #5 below. The number information in italics is for the … [Contin…

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Tip #138 – Do It Right

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 138 Do it right … even when no one is looking. ~Henry Ford Time Management – Time management for WordPress freelancers with no time … → Read the full article Habits – Getting the most &#82…

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