12 Sided Dodecahedron Cube Calendar

Dodecahedron Cube Calendar

Dodecahedron Cube Calendar

In 2005 I came across this website: http://www.ii.uib.no/~arntzen/kalender/ and made the dodecahedron calendar cube and used it.


On my wanderings around the web I came across this site where you can create a world globe with the same design as the calendar.

Here is another link to another version. This one will take some time to download as it is 12 mb. Also if you print it the way it is on 8.5×11″ paper you will get a very small globe. I captured the screen and cut of the extra stuff and then printed it and ended up with a 3″ globe. If you need help email me.

So the following year I was making a new one and decided it was just too plain for me. After a lot of experimenting I came up with the different layers to put together calendars with different backgrounds.

Some Explanation about the Calendar

hex shape


I had to totally recreate the calendar from scratch as I could not work with the PDF files. Once I found the hex shape I could get to work recreating the layout. I found out that it was easiest to work the with original size of the shape and then when I was ready to print to just tell the program to fit it on the page.

Putting the shapes together was easy once I realized that every one was rotated a minimum of 36°. The same rotation factor worked for the month text. Next I created the flaps. Once it looked ok, I separated the background shapes from the text. Now I could floodfill the background with different colors or images.

Putting It All Together

I found the easiest way to glue the cube was with the glue gun as the glue stuck immediately, it just took too long for regular glue to set. The finished cube will be around 3 inches.

If you plan on varnishing the cube, the printed page has to be spray varnished (Walmart or craft stores carry it) before it is being cut out. Then once the cube is together regular waterbased varnish can be applied, otherwise the ink will run.

  1. Print the calendar on card thickness paper or it will too flimsy
  2. Plug in the glue gun so it will be warmed up when you are ready
  3. Spray varnish the page
  4. Cut out the calendar
  5. Score all the lines that will be bent with a stylus
  6. Bend all the score lines you will probably find that you missed one or two, just score them now
  7. Now start gluing the flaps on the January side, attaching either February or May to June. Now work around the circle.
  8. On the December side you will notice that November doesn’t have any flaps, so that will be the last month to glue.
  9. Once only November is unglued place a dab of glue on all the remaining flaps and carefully align November on them.
  10. Now the cube can be varnished with waterbased varnish. I usually use 2 coats.

10. finished cube 2nd half of year
1. printed calendar
4. cutout calendar
5. scoring tools
6. scored and folded - front side view
10. finished cube first half of year
hex shape
6. scored and folded - backside view
7. first side of year is glued
8. second half of year is glued except for the November flap
9. glueing last flap (November)


After numerous comments about why the calendars start with Sunday, I have created 2 sets of calendars. One set starts with Sunday and the other with Monday.

If you would like a template with a specific background please email me with your request.

2010 Cube Calendars are now available here.

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