Numerology, Runes, Biorhythms, Dreams and Zodiacs are what I call my oracles.
They provide a road map. They do not predict, they guide. They help us decide which route we want to take, the fast road, the slow road or the scenic road.
Check them out and give them a try.
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Computer Tutor Links

Here are some links that I found to be very helpful in getting started and as reference.
Also check out my TYPO3 tutorial. It gives basic instructions on how to make changes on a TYPO3 based website.
Tutorial Links For Beginners

ActDen Tutorial Site
Outlook Express Internet Explorer
GeekGirls Guides
Basic Computing Windows 9x and Me Word Processing Spreadsheeting […]

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Effectively using “What if” in the EFT Setup Phrase

Another keeper for my library from Carol Look
Hi Everyone,
Carol Look brings us a 5 part series that develops creative uses of the term “What if” for issues such as Performance Anxiety, Physical Pain/Discomforts, Addictions/Cravings, Relationships and Attracting Abundance.
Hugs, Gary

I downloaded it from Gary Craig’s sitet and formatted it as a notesize (5.5×8.5 inches) PDF file […]

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