February 2010 Numerology Forecast

February’s universal number is 5 (2010+2=2+1+2=5) and brings with it change, variety and restlessness. Read the rest of the forecast for the #5 below.
The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find you own personal month use the Personal Month Calculator or add your month of birth to the number above.
#1 […]

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My Printable 2010 Calendars Made It On A List of Others Like It

I am happy to report that my printable 2010 calendars were included in a list of other printable calendars at at Hongkiat.com.  It is great to have access to others all in one place.

Dodecahedron calendar
Vertical Desk calendar
Computer Monitor calendar

Also check out all my other calendars

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