May 2012 Numerology Forecast

carpe diemExciting possibilities emerge, but they have yet to be tested for longevity. Enjoy the new energies and meeting new people.… Read the rest for the #1 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find your own personal month: add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below.

Example: Feb 3, May 2012
2+3+5+2+0+1+2=15=1+5 = 6

#1 – Exciting Possibilities

Be ready for exciting possibilities to emerge – but they are not yet tested for longevity. Enjoy the new energy and be open to meeting new people. This is a competitive time in business with excellent prospects for growth. Take advantage of the fact that this is a good month to take risks, design, travel and explore.

#2 – Slow Down

There are so many points to be considered, slow down as time is needed for maturation and growth. Set some time aside to be with your mate, family and friends. You could even end up in hospital for a rest. Gather information, learn more and take classes.

#3 – Listen to Your Creative Urges

Creative urges bring about the birth of something from your unconscious. It is time to examine old habits and patterns. This is a very interesting time of psychic connections. Expect your social life to increase. Money is less pressing.

#4 – Work Oriented Month

May will turn out to be a very work oriented month. Travel strictly for business with a specific goal. You encounter many restrictions and don’t overspend. Make basic purchases and hold off on the frivolous ones. You are shouldering much responsibility with family and relatives.

#5 – New Opportunity: Change or Conflicts

A new opportunity can bring unexpected change or maybe conflicts. Stay flexible. You have now the freedom to travel. This month carries heavy sexual and romantic influences which may prove to be a flash in the pan. This is a dynamic and magnetic time for you. Go out and promote and perform.

#6 – Time of Service

This is a month of service as you will spend a lot of time taking care of others: motherhood, teaching, service, family life and home repairs. Expect changes in your domestic front. Timing is great for getting married. You are sure of your opinions and views and tend to stubbornly stick to them. You decisions reflect emotional values rather than intellectual ones this month.

#7 – An Emotional Time

May is going to be an emotional time for you. You tend to feel depressed, but can find much peace through meditation, study and reading. Go out and find more information about your area of interest. Pay attention to your health and take your vitamins. Be careful about your communications with your family as they will sense your unrest. Above all be patient in all things.

#8 – A Decisive Month

You may receive a promotion and earn more money. You are working hard and some of your best plans get a big boost. Go ahead and take on the large project and use your imagination. When buying on credit make sure you can really afford what your are buying. All in all timing is favorable for buying, selling or exchanging of property. You currently feel very good about yourself.

#9 – Review Your Overall Plan

It seems that a major part of your job is in transition. Plan to finish as many major projects as possible and do not begin a new one until next month. Pay attention to what others have to say and review your overall plan.

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