September 2012 Numerology Forecast



The universal September numerology forecast indicates that is going to be a very unstable time and it is best not to make any major decisions ... Read the rest for the #5 below.

The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find your own personal month: add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below.

Example: Feb 3, September 2012

#1 – New Energy

September brings new energy and you are off to a new start that could in the end turn out to be only temporary, but nevertheless an unexpected opportunity. You have a strong sense of beginning even if the goal is not in sight yet. You are restless and have the urge to move. Don’t be surprised by an event that comes your way that you will remember for a long time. Most challenges will come from others this month.

#2 – Be Very Patient

September will turn out to be a frustrating time requiring you to be very patient. Above all try your best to stay tactful at all times and pay extreme attention to all details. You will be gathering information rather than taking action. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself well. Being loving and sympathetic will help you accomplish more.

#3 – Very Scattered

You will be tempted to be extravagant, so it is best to keep your credit cards under lock and key. This is a very scattered month and a great time to take short trips. Timing is also great for selling and attending trade shows and markets will pay off. If your into the arts, you could star in a play, write, dance or entertain. There is also the possibility that you could be away from your mate for a while. 

#4 – Work, Work and More Work

Yes your read right, this month is all about work. You will be learning much through obstacles and challenges. Your main priority this month will be your family responsibilities, but at the same time remember to also take good care of yourself. 

#5 – Very Restless

In this restless time period you feel confused and scattered. Be careful not to get into conflicts (although they may be needed to clear the air). Travel is a great idea this month. Working only part time, if you can is another. Go out and promote yourself, perform or sell. You could have sexual problems. During this unstable time it is a good idea not to make any major decisions.

#6 – Physically Taxing

Pay close attention to your schedule during this very physically taxing month as promises you have made must now be kept. Resist becoming embroiled in family fights. Direct your attention and energy on redoing the house. Be very, very clear about your priorities. Others will be very demanding and you may become stubborn in maintaining your position.

#7 – Use Your Intuition

Presently your are seriously questioning your goals and life-style. This is a time to get in touch with your higher self. Use your intuition. Do not try to assert your will, it will not work. Also be careful about over-stimulation and fatigue, take your vitamins. If you have the opportunity retreat to the country and be patient with money.

#8 – Very Busy

This busy month is going to be full of work, tasks and money. Your authority will be very much in evidence and you are asked to prove yourself. Your education is going to be important. You might go to school if necessary. Be very careful with investments. This is a testing period and very important for your growth in the material world. Don’t give up.

#9 – A Pivotal Month

The overwhelming influence this month is completion. You are now concluding your entire nine-year cycle and may feel confused and not knowing what’s next. Just relax and go with the flow. Don’t fight it. Let things resolve themselves. Realize that all things are working out as they should. Taking a long-distance trip is what what doctor prescribed this month. Be tolerant and easygoing and don’t start anything new.

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