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Marlies Cohen – Productivity Strategy and Time Management

How to Take Risks Like a Stunt Driver

Facing your fears is one of the most difficult things you do. Consider to take more risks. Take this advice from some of the riskiest people out there: stunt drivers.Related Posts:Are You Struggling With Self-Motivation?Turn 12 Uncomfortable Situations…

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Stop giving Fear CPR

Awesome Productivity Tips – #219: Time management – budget your time like money, Mindset – how to be organized, Motivation – 150 tips, Procrastination – positive habits that affect your live, Inspiration – Tony Robbins strategy to control fear
Related …

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Want Success as Much as You Want to Breathe

Awesome Productivity Tips – #218: Self-development – learn to become disciplined; Habits – how to conquer overthinking; Success – tweaks for working at home; Productivity secrets from top-level CEOs; Inspiration – brutal business lesson from failures….

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How Do You Store Your Immersion Blender?

Storing an immersion blender is a pain. Coming up with something practical and pretty took some time, but I found it. Continue Reading Related Posts:Make a Tabletop Easel from Metal TubingChristmas Angel OrnamentFrom Industrial Cable Wire Spool to Plan…

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Live Your Live with Integrity

Be yourself and stick to your guns. You know exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go. Sometimes we are just to scared to trust ourselves and follow other people’s way of doing things.Related Posts:Networking Etiquette TipsAre You Strugg…

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Start Deciding What You Are For

Awesome Productivity Tips – #217: Time management – time audit; Mindset – do you suffer from overthinking Motivation – slow down to be happy; Procrastination – learn why you procrastinate; Inspiration – entrepreneurship quotes.
Related Posts:Are You S…

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Hopelessness Is Learned

Awesome Productivity Tips – #216: Self-development – let go of your introspection mode; Habits – how to let go of bad habits and create new ones; Strategy – multitasking is a nightmare; Productivity – switch what you’re doing every half hour – Inspirat…

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Top 10 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits

Are you aware that your habits can damage your brain? Your brain needs continual and regular top ups. What if you give your brain the wrong ones?Related Posts:Networking Etiquette TipsThe Connection Between Sleep And ProductivityFocus on Your GoalsTurn…

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