CD Case Calendars

These unique calendars are made from a plastic CD case with the CD holder part removed. I made 2 versions.

CD Case Standup Calendar CD Case Wall Calendar
  • a desktop version to stand on your desk or table
  • a wall hanging version to hang on the wall

Here you can find instructions on how to take the CD case apart and assembling for desktop.

I printed the pages on double sided brochure paper from Staples. The paper is not as thick as photo paper, but sturdier than regular paper.

CD Case Wall Calendar - back view CD Case Wall Calendar - open CD Case Wall Calendar - hanger

I sell both version as the printed calendar in the CD case or only the pages.

  • Printed Pages (printed double sided) $9.50 + S&H
  • Printed Pages (printed on photo paper, one side) $12.50 + S&H
  • CD Case and Calendar Pages (printed double sided) $13.50 + S&H
  • CD Case and Calendar Pages (printed on photo paper, one side) $17.50 + S&H
    • Shipping inside Canada: $2.00
    • Shipping to US: $3.00
    • International Shipping: S5.00

Custom Calendars

You will have to email me the 12 photos (13 if you want a cover image) you want me to use for the calendar and I will put them in place of the current pictures in the calendar.

If you want to print your own calendar once I have it created for you as a PDF file, you only pay the setup fee.

  • The setup fee is $40.00
  • Then the cost for each calendar is the same as above

Please contact me to order your calendar and I will get back to you with my PayPal info.

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