Computer Tutor Links

Here are some links that I found to be very helpful in getting started and as reference.

Also check out my TYPO3 tutorial. It gives basic instructions on how to make changes on a TYPO3 based website.

Tutorial Links For Beginners

Online Typing Tutors

I have no connection to any of the typing tutors listed below. I have just noticed that when I am teaching people to use the computer it helps a lot when they already know how to type. So here are some free online sites to help.

Tutorial Links For Programs

Tutorial Links For WebDesign

Reference Links For Fonts

Reference Links For Graphics

Reference Links For Virus Scan

  • Windows Defender
    This is the 3 item in my mix to keep the computer safe. This program together with Spyware Terminator and an antivirus program is a great combo.
  • Windows Security Essentials
    Free Virus and Spyware protection from Microsoft.
  • Spyware Terminator
    Use this in combination with a Virus program, it works great and is free.
  • Avast Antivirus Program
    Nov 2008: this year AVG has become too bloated for my liking. I found this free program for home use to be a great replacement
  • AVG Virus Program
    This is a free virus program that works really well. Unfortunately, it is only free in North America.
  • Panda Software
    This site has a superb online virus scan called ‘Panda Active Scan’. I only works with Internet Explorer as it uses Active X to scan your computer. This is really great, when the virus has attacked your computer’s virus program and disabled it. It is very thorough as it scans every file on your system and desinfects it and it is free.

    Here is a direct link to ‘Panda Active Scan’ and a utility to remove selected virus’.

Reference Links For Shareware & Freeware

Reference Links For Open Source Programs

  • WordPress
    Easy site to use to create free blog or website
  • Blogger
    Easy site to use to create a free blog or website
  • is the world’s largest Open Source software development site.
    OpenOffice is the free Office Suite based on Open Source Code.
  • TYPO3
    Typo3 is a free Open Source content management system to create websites.

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