Embroidering Words on Paper

original posting date – February 22/2008

After creating my first paper embroidery items, I just had to try to use it with words.

  • I used Photoshop and a font that is quite bold to start with and then applied bold on top of that.
  • Then I realized that using Photoshop’s stroke path option with the brush spacing set quite far apart would give me the outlines with the markings for the pin holes. It worked out really well.
  • I did not use black as the color to stroke the path, but a medium gray, so that dots were not that obvious.
  • Then I had to flip the word horizontally so that I could print directly onto the paper (backside) and then prick the holes. Then when I turned the paper over the word displayed properly. I did not want to print onto the front.

Here are my 2 examples for the front of a ‘Thank You’ card.

First think I have to say that this is quite a time consuming job to embroider text. In the future I would probably just embroider the first letter of a word rather than all of them.

Second I wasn’t quite sure how I should embroider the letters. So I experimented with different ways as you can see below.

paper embroidered words - brown thank you paper embroidered words - blue thank you

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