Floppy Disks MoonTime Calendar

MoonTime Calendar Front

MoonTime Calendar Front

Celebrate your Womanhood

This calendar is only for the female sex. Sometimes it is handy to keep track of your periods. This cute little booklet will keep it all in one neat compact place.

This is a great gift for a young girl just starting on her way to adulthood, helping her celebrate becoming a woman.

I bound it between 2 5¼ inch black floppy disks with plastic binding. I created the image for the front cover especially for the calendar. It has 9 printed calendar pages inside, 5 years per page.

I created the inside pages in MS Word and MS Publisher, as I was experimenting around. I find that I have more control with Publisher.

MoonTime Calendar Back MoonTime Calendar Inside

If you are interested in buying a calendar, I sell it for U$10.00 shipping is included for Canada and the US. For other countries there is an extra charge. Contact me with your shipping info. I accept Paypal.

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