Fun With Fun Foam Flowers

While experimenting with my glue gun dolls, things didn’t work out and the dolls got stuck and would not come out of the mold. The only thing that did come out was the head. So instead of throwing it out, I just figured an new way to use it.

I had made flowers from ‘fun foam’ material that I had glued to a base made from 2 glued together film container lids. I cut a hole in the bottom of the form, painted it and then glued the flower petals on it. I found that the base of the leaves should not be wider than about 1/4 inch, but they can be wider at the outside.

From here on I kept on experimenting creating different flowers. This flower has no central base and is totally constructed by glueing the leaves together, starting in the center of the flower.

Now I was left with small pieces of ‘fun foam’ that I didn’t want to throw away. So I used a single hole punch and cut out little circles. They didn’t always come out, so I had to finish cutting them out with scissors. Then I glued them together and got little daisies. I glued them to toothpicks that I covered with flower tape and then used the lid of a deodorant as a pot. I cut out some ‘oasis’ foam inserted to marbles in the base and stuck it back in the lid. Covered the foam with moss and put in the flowers.

I had a baby face that I had sculpted from pantyhose ages ago and thought that it would look great as a flower. So I took a lid from my collection that fit the head, it happend to be red. So I made red petals and glued the first row on the rim of the lid and a second row below it. Then I glued in the head, inserted a stem and voilà: a flower baby. Unfortunately, at this time June 2003, I don’t have the original any longer and am not able to take a better picture with my digital camera.

small fun foam flowers small fun foam flowers in woven tooth pick basket red fun foam flower with girl glue head fun foam sunflowers yellow fun foam flower fun foam flower with glue head girl


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