From Garbage Can Lid to Mask

One day the local hardware store had a garage sale and we found that we could get only garbage can lids without the cans. Our lids seem to always crack, probably because of our climate. We bought two kinds of lids and one kind fit and the other didn’t. Now hubby asked if he should throw out the useless one as it had only cost us $1. I told him to hold on as I would probably come up with an idea for a use for it.

1st mask

1st mask

Inspiration struck and here is the finished result my Rubbermaid garbage can lid mask. Basically I just used the lines on the lid for the features of the face. After basecoating the black lid is painted the design with Acrylic craft paints and seals it all with a coat of varnish.

2nd mask - 2003

2nd mask – 2003

Late in 2003 I created another mask. This mask took on more feminine features. Here are step by step pictures of how I made this mask.

3rd mask - 2009

3rd mask – 2009

Then in 2009 I was compelled to create yet another mask. This one took on cat like features.

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