Google+ Cheat Sheet – Syntax, Hotkeys, Tips

As Google+ is gaining popularity, you have to learn the ins and outs of another social media network. To make it easier use the cheat sheet below.

google+ cheat sheet

google+ cheat sheet
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The Cheat Sheet includes most of the common syntax, hotkeys and tips you need to know to use Google+ like a pro.

  1. Do you know that you can format your posts in Google+? You can make your text bold, italic or strikethrough
  2. Add photos and links to posts
  3. Google+ has Circles instead of Follow like Twitter
  4. Just a plus sign or @ sign to mention people in your posts
  5. Send a message to someone by only selecting their name
  6. Create a permalink for your post
  7. Choose who can see your post
  8. There are Hotkeys to move through your stream
  9. You can prevent people from sharing your post
  10. Selecting the +1 button on a post is the same as the LIKE button on Facebook
  11. The plus 1 button has 2 different effect when chosen

Study the cheat sheet below to get the full explanation of the tips

Google+ Cheatsheet

Google+ Cheatsheet


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