Horizontal or Vertical Monitor Strip Calendar

In 2007 after receiving a comment from Diane about my vertical calendar and a question about a template for the horizontal monitor calendar, I set out to find more info by asking Diane and doing some research on the web. I found a template on the Adobe site and passed that on to Diane, but had problems with printing the jpg.

horizontal monitor calendar

horizontal monitor calendar

So I created the calendar from scratch in Photoshop both as a horizontal and a vertical calendar and also as black and white and colored. On top of it I saved the PDF as a regular page of 8.5×11 inches.

May 2008

I just got a new 22″ LCD monitor and my calendars don’t fit any longer as they are too tall or too wide. So I created a new calendar that is only little over half an inch high and about 14 inches wide. I split the year into 2 halves so that it prints nicely on a regular sheet of paper. Once it is printed it can be glued together into one long strip or just stuck side by side. (Make sure you print it at 100% size or you won’t be able to read it).

print the pdf page at 100% to get the calendar at the right size
the calendar can be printed on regular paper or if you want a sturdier version on card stock or photo paper

School Year Calendar

There are 4 calendars on the page, 2 in color and 2 black and white

1 Inch Horizontal Calendars

There are 4 calendars on the page

½ Inch Horizontal Calendars

There are 6 calendars on the page
The following calendars are best for LCD monitors that have a narrow frame around the screen

1 Inch Vertical Calendars

There are 4 calendars on the page

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