Knitted Camera Case with Sewing Threads

camera half inside the case

camera half inside the case

For my birthday in 2006 I got a new camera. My old digital camera is almost 5 years old and is only 1.6 megapixels. My new one is a Sony Cyber-Shot W5 5.1 megapixel camera. I chose it because I can still use the memory sticks from the old camera. I bought a travel case for the new camera, but it is a little bulky when you just want to put it in your purse.

So when inspiration struck, I got right to work. I inherited about 8 sewing thread cones from my husbands grandfather. I think they date back to the 1940s or 1950s. They are cotten threads in various shades of brown and one blue one. I figured by adding 6 threads together I could use 3mm knitting needles to create my camera case.

My camera is 3.5″ long, 2.5″ tall and 1.5″ deep.

My kitting gauge is: 17 stitches for 2 inches, and 34 rows for 2 inches.

  • I cast on 50 stitches and
  • knitted in 1 knit, 1 perl the whole row.
  • The next row I knitted 1 perl, 1 knit and
  • then alternated the 2 rows
  • until it measured about 5″.
  • Now I knitted a row with holes to pull a string through. 1 knit, yarn over, knit 2 stitches together, repeat to the end of the row
  • perl the row
  • knit the row
  • perl the row
  • repeat the row for the holes and the perl, knit and perl rows
  • repeat the row for the holes
  • now perl the row
  • knit the row
  • and alternate the perl and knit rows until it measures 5″
  • cast off all the stitches
  • sew the long piece together
  • fold in half, so that it is now a double layer
  • sow bottom shut through all layers
  • make a string and thread through the holes

My daughter liked it so much that she now wants me to knit one for her camera.

half the case is done the thread cones with the knitting started finished the knitting sewn together bottom of folded in half piece camera half inside the case camera inside the case

originally posted on old site on January 31/2006

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