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malWelcome to Mal’s Corner. I am Marlies’ husband and I am happy to share my hobbies and interests with you.

I love to play guitar. I own a Tacoma and and Ovation Balladeer. My wife laughs at me when I my guitar lying flat on my back or sitting down or standing up dancing around. I accompany any TV program with my guitar and it doesn’t matter what’s on. I also play along with the songs I hear in my head.

  • I am told that I am quite good at helping people understand and make sense of their dreams.
  • Since I have discovered the Internet I have been entering contests and have one some wonderful prizes. I am happy to share my favorite websites.
  • One of the prizes I won was a mug for my cyber story “Lucretia McLizard”.

Mal the Musician

More About Mal

I currently live in Nova Scotia Canada and have a life-long interest in weather. I always make my own weather forecasts and often they are more accurate than the ones you get in the media. My neighbours have even clued in and often ask me for a forecast.

Weather for Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

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