More Meanings of Numbers

I don’t know where I came across this, but I found it helpful to give a quick overview of the meaning of numbers.
Creativity, independence, originality, ego, self

Empathy, cooperation, consideration, over-sensitivity, co-dependence

Artistic expression, sociability, friendliness, superficiality, wastefulness

Practicality, application, loyalty, rigidity, repression

Freedom, adaptability, travel, inconsistency, abuse of senses

Love, responsibility, understanding, meddling, jealousy

Spirituality, mental analysis, wisdom, fault finding, suppression

Executive ability, management, power, materiality, unscrupulousness

Artistic genius, humanitarianism, romance, emotionalism, dissipation

Intuition, idealism, invention, insensitivity, fanaticism

Practical idealism, material mastery, get-rich-quick schemes, viciousness

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