Old Locarno – 2002

The view of Locarno from the hillside above is spectacular. Due to the high temperatures and high humidity while I was there the pictures are not as clear as I would have liked them to be.
View from Monti View from Monti

After walking around the neighbourhood where my mom lives a few times I just had to take my camera along one day to take these pictures. The narrow streets are typical of the way villages used to look.
Pink Oleander the date on the fountain says 1860 Via Rivapiana, a typcal narrow street, just wide enough for one car a grape arbour outside the church Chiesa di San Quirico the lake seen through the foot tunnel underneath the train tracks the lake in the direction of Italy the lake in the direction of Tenero, the beginning of the lake

Rules for Swimming

Rules for swimming in the lake

Rules for swimming in the lake

Rules for Swimming are posted all along the shore of the lake. They say in German:

  • Nie mit vollem oder ganz leerem Magen schwimmen! Nach üppigem Essen 2 Stunden warten. Alkohol meiden.
  • Nie überhitzt ins Wasser springen! Der Körper braucht Anpassungszeit.
  • Nicht in trübe oder unbekannte Gewässer springen! Unbekanntes kann Gefahren bergen.
  • Kleine Kinder nie unbeaufsichtigt am Wasser lassen! Sie kennen keine Gefahren.
  • Luftmatratzen und Schwimmhilfen gehören nicht ins tiefe Wasser! Sie bieten keine Sicherheit.
  • Lange Strecken nie alleine schwimmen! Auch der besttrainierte Körper kann eine Schwäche erleiden

In English:

  • Never go swimming with a full or totally empty stomach! After a big meal wait 2 hours. Avoid alcohol.
  • Don’t jump into the Water overheated! The body needs time to adjust.
  • Don’t jump into muddy or unknown water. Unknown dangers can be hidden.
  • Don’t leave small children unsupervised near the water. They don’t know danger.
  • Air mattresses or flotation devices don’t beglong in deep water! They don’t offer security.
  • Don’t swim long distances alone! Even the best trained body can suffer a weakness.

Many houses have beautiful paintings that have been lovingly restored.
This house dates back to 1386 This house dates back to 1859 I don't know how old this one is as I forgot to take a closer look for a date.


Cemetary Cemetary

The sign at Ca’ di Ferro, the old army barracks from the 16th century, said:

“Quarters for mercenary troups constructed in the years 1540-1580 by captain Peter a Pro of Uri. The chapel was built around 1630. It is now a private residence and no visitors are admitted.”

View to the East. Behind that first ridge is the Verzasca Valley. Plantane Tree This is Ca' di Ferro the old army barracks from the 16th century


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