Rounded Corner Menu Tabs With Border

I picked the Amazing Grace Wordpress theme for many reasons, but one of them was that most color changes were done in the stylesheet.
Then one day on my wanderings around the Net I came across the code to create rounded corner menu tabs that show up in browsers like Firefox. In IE the tabs are […]

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ToothPick Baskets

hile playing around with bamboo toothpicks, Styrofoam trays, assorted lids and beads, it suddenly struck me that I could make a small basket. To my surprise it was very easy to make really cute, lightweight containers in various shapes.

Styrofoam tray or foamboard
vitamin bottle lids, deep yogurt or ice cream container lids
bamboo toothpicks
beads or chick peas […]

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The 4 Agreements

A few years ago I received the book ‘the 4 Agreements‘ by don Miguel Ruiz as a gift and I was totally taken by the simplicity of the idea and the profound effect they had.

Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself […]

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What To Do When EMail Is Not Sent?

I don’t know what  happened with the last Wordpress upgrade, but my mail is not sent any longer through any contact form and that is very annoying.
I even installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin to test things and the test email is sent, but then the contact form mail disappears into I don’t know where. […]

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Frame from Floppy Disks & Ink Caps

I had a dilemma about what to do with all those old floppy disks and the caps from my canon printer ink.
Then one day inspiration struck.
The opening in the ink caps was perfect for screw and nut. So by wedging a floppy disk that already had two holes on one side between the caps […]

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Plugin Problem After Upgrade

I haven’t quite figured out yet what causes this problem. But since my upgrade to Wordpress 2.8.2 I can’t access the options for the Wp Contact Form III plugin in the sidebar. I get an error telling me that I ‘don’t have sufficient permissions to access this page‘.
I don’t know how to work around this […]

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Widgets Drag & Drop Problem

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress (2.8.2) and now my drag and drop function for the widgets does not work any longer. It worked before the upgrade. A quick Google search revealed a way around this problem. Read the detailed article about widgets accessibility mode.
Quick Fix

select ‘Widgets’ from the sidebar, once […]

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