Paper Embroidery – Faden Grafik

original posting date – February 20/2008

After discovering Iris Folding I came across Paper Embroidery or Faden Grafik (thread graphic) as it is called in German. An extensive search showed me sites with instructions on how it is done and patterns.

I have discovered that it looks like the ‘String Art’ designs I remember from the 60s where nails were hammered onto wood and then threads were wrapped around the nails. Now doing this with embroidery or sewing thread on paper is a lot easier.

Traditionally this embroidery is done on cards, but I like to put on a different spin and glued the design on old CDs.

I use a plain sewing pin with a big head to prick the paper so that the holes are not too big. As I have only just started, I started out with plain sewing thread and will try embroidery floss. Synthetic sewing thread has a nice sheen to it, I discovered. Whereas cotton thread does not.

Here are my first 3 creations. The 3rd design is done with cotton thread and the other with synthetic sewing thread.

paper embroidery flower paper embroidery heart paper embroidery icosihenagon

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