Swiss Postbus

We here at HowdyHeidi love Diccon Bewe’s Swiss Trivia category over on his blog called Swiss Watching.

One of his latest posts about the Postbus gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. Switzerland’s trains may get all the press but the yellow Postbuses are the real icon of Swiss transport. There’s hardly a corner of the country they don’t reach, often providing the only public transport. No surprise, then, to learn that the Postbus network covers 10,429km over 783 routes, with 13,799 stops and 2066 buses.

The most famous part of the Postbus is the horn used on mountain roads; it is, fittingly enough, taken from the William Tell Overture: C sharp, E and A in the key of A major. Three notes guaranteed to make any Swiss feel homesick. Yep, mission accomplished.

Swiss Watching trivia, No 26: Postbus

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