Overthinking Kills Your Happiness

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 156 Overthinking kills your happiness. Time Management How To Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance. Are you a certified organizational ninja? It’s okay, nobody is–so steal this idea from career kicksta…

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Do You Know the Psychology of Colors?

psychology of colors / greyIs there a psychology of colors and why should you care? As a crafter, graphic and web designer color plays a big factor in my creations. Just take a peek at the Wikipedia entry to see what a big part … [Read more]

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Numbers and Colors II

I have no idea where this info came from. I just found it on a page when I was cleaning up.
The Right Color Brings Joy to Your Life!


Birth Number

Lucky Numbers



Colors to Wear



1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82, 91

Ruby […]

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Numbers and Colors

In my wanderings around the web I came across this information. I found it interesting.
I found it at SoulfulLiving.com. It is written by Rob Ragozzine who is a contributor to that website and also has his own website called SimplyNumbers.com

Primary Color
Secondary Colors
Primary Color Helps with

Crimson, Apricot
Stimulation, Growth, excitement, high spirits, and physical energy, Determination, Passion

Gold, […]

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