25 Social Media Email Lead Generation Tips

social networksCheck out these very helpful and proven Social Media email lead generation tips from Wishpond.com for small businesses. The tips cover Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Following is a summary of the tips and below them is the slideshare … [Read more]

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Tool to Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings!

I just came across this easy to use tool to check your Facebook privacy setting With the constantly changing defaults of Facebook’s privacy settings, how is one supposed to keep up with it and know if you picked the right settings. This tool makes it easy and takes away the guess work. I just used […]

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Adding YouTube Video to Facebook Post

Login into Facebook
Go to your profile
Copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video you want to share into the field under “Share” that says by default: “What’s on your mind?” Facebook will now figure out that you’re posting a Youtube video and will grab the screenshot and required information to embed it on your […]

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FB Privacy heads up!!

Watch your personal information: As of today (April 23/2010), there is a new privacy setting called “Instant Personalization,” which shares data with non-facebook websites, and is automatically set to “Allow.”

Go to Account
Privacy Settings
Applications & Websites
“Instant Personalization”, (click edit settings)
and UN-CHECK “Allow”

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