Star Sign Qualities at a Glance

the zodiacI have started rereading Linda Goodman’s Star Signs book and rediscovered this nice summary of the star sign qualities. Sign Positive Qualities Negative Qualities Aries courage and innocence rash, impulsive behaviour Taurus patience and stability stubbornness (patience turned inside out … Continue reading

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Biorhythm Links

I find biorhythms fascinating and every so often go looking for websites that deal with with and offer free online charts. Today I decided to put a list together with some links that I find helpful. Free Online Biorhythm Calculators/Readings … Continue reading

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Can Your Initial Reveal Your Sexual Identity?

I received this in an email and thought it would go well in the Numerology Section as it uses the letter of the Alphabet.
According to studies, your sexual identity is revealed by the first letter of your first name… what do you think? (Those of you with names that start with “N” will probably wish […]

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Tree Horoscope

I came across this info in a newsgroup and thought it was different and decided to share it. I don’t remember when I first came across this information, but it has been quite some time that I have had it on my old website.
What Tree Did You Fall From?

Find your birthday, find your tree and […]

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Your Karmic Number

By: Sam Stevens
I have no idea where I this info came from.

Your karmic number interpretation tells you what you need to do in order to correct your actions from previous lives. It can also help provide invaluable instruction as to what to do so that you can reap the rewards of the seeds that […]

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Numbers and Colors II

I have no idea where this info came from. I just found it on a page when I was cleaning up.
The Right Color Brings Joy to Your Life!


Birth Number

Lucky Numbers



Colors to Wear



1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82, 91

Ruby […]

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Numbers and Colors

In my wanderings around the web I came across this information. I found it interesting.
I found it at It is written by Rob Ragozzine who is a contributor to that website and also has his own website called

Primary Color
Secondary Colors
Primary Color Helps with

Crimson, Apricot
Stimulation, Growth, excitement, high spirits, and physical energy, Determination, Passion

Gold, […]

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers. In the world of numerology, all numbers have a reality of their own. To the numerologist, all of the hustle and bustle of this modern world can be reduced to the number that stands behind the appearances. Each number has a life and meaning of its own. The […]

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Numerology – Personal Year

Where astrology is based on the movement of the planets, numerology is based on the numbers and letters. Numerology goes in cycles of 9. Each year in the cycle has a number from 1-9 associated with it. Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field it would go as follows.

The field has been planted
The […]

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