What To Do When EMail Is Not Sent?

I don’t know what  happened with the last Wordpress upgrade, but my mail is not sent any longer through any contact form and that is very annoying.
I even installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin to test things and the test email is sent, but then the contact form mail disappears into I don’t know where. […]

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Plugin Problem After Upgrade

I haven’t quite figured out yet what causes this problem. But since my upgrade to Wordpress 2.8.2 I can’t access the options for the Wp Contact Form III plugin in the sidebar. I get an error telling me that I ‘don’t have sufficient permissions to access this page‘.
I don’t know how to work around this […]

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Widgets Drag & Drop Problem

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress (2.8.2) and now my drag and drop function for the widgets does not work any longer. It worked before the upgrade. A quick Google search revealed a way around this problem. Read the detailed article about widgets accessibility mode.
Quick Fix

select ‘Widgets’ from the sidebar, once […]

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Archive in Amazing Grace Theme

It took me some time to get to understand the way the Amazing Grace theme is handling archives.

By default the categories navigation is a categories based archive

But how do I create a page with an archive of all the posts for all categories? I haven’t figured that out yet. As soon as I create an […]

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Make Page Link Directly to External URL

As I am in the middle of switching from one CMS  (TYPO3 to Wordpress) this current Wordpress site does not have too many posts. So I have to create a page link to the old site. First I created the page and wrote some text with the link, but it did not look too good.
That’s […]

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RTE Strips ‘Linebreak’ and ‘Paragraph’ Tags in WordPress

I just discovered to my big frustration that the RTE strips my ‘linebreaks’ and ‘paragraph’ tags  and so I have less control over the look of my content. After some extensive search I found the solution at this website.
So what is the trick? It is quite simple actually. All I had to do was

install the […]

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