The Mayan Calendar

In the second half of the year 2000 I felt myself inexplicably drawn to the Mayan Calendar. Until then I had not even heard of it or knew anything about it. Thanks to the Internet I was able to gather very quickly quite a bit of information. I found the information intriguing and at the same time confusing. One site seemed to be conflicting with another site and then the third one had a still different opinion. I was totally puzzled, but kept on gathering info. The more I immersed myself into it the more confused I got and at the same time the more I learnt and the more things started to make sense.

Mayan Calendar Day Keeper

Mayan Calendar Day Keeper

Then one day I dawned on me that there was the traditional Mayan Calendar and a new version called the “Dreamspell” Calendar. The new calendar has elements of the old one but comes from a different direction. As with a lot of so called New Age information each technique is a spoke on an imaginary waggonwheel. All the spokes come from different directions to the center – the hub – and surprisingly they all agree with each other and don’t contradict each other. So, to me it seems that both Mayan Calendars have to bee seen in this light and serve a purpose. When I do a reading, I use Numerology, Astrology (Western, Chinese and Mayan), Biorhythm and the Runes. Each one of these offers me different information about the person and helps fill in the picture.

The Mayan Calendar is often compared to a loom of time. I found that quite an interesting concept. Then I remembered that in the 90’s my son had a computer game called “Loom” by LucasFilms and both he and I were extremely attracted to it. The premise of the game was also that time is a loom and the fabric that was being woven was falling apart. You had to use musical note sequences to help the hero of the game restore the weave. Maybe that game prepared me for this.

I will not duplicate information that is easily available on the Net about the Mayan Calendar. Check out the pages on the lefthand navigation with links to the sites and a reason why I chose them. I am working on a second page where I will show the drawings/graphics I have been compelled to create with the Day Signs of the Mayan Calendar.

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Interactive Calendar

Even the traditional Mayan Calendars have a conflict as to what the proper number is to convert our dates to Mayan Dates. This calculator uses the 584285 conversion number

Information Sites

Aztec Calendar Links

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