The Smart Car

After my trip to Switzerland in 2002 where I first saw the Smart Car and was so intrigued by it, I was very pleased to see that is now also available in Canada. It is sold through Mercedes dealerships.

I am not affiliated with any smart car dealership, I am a private person who thinks this car is great, I don’t own one.
If you have any questions please look up your nearest Mercedes dealership in your phone book and call them.
As far as I know the smart car will be available in the US in 2006.

smart car

The first smart car I saw in Switzerland in 2002


  1. James Staudt

    Can this car handle air conditioning?

  2. I just purchased my second Smart and both have air conditioning. I usually have to turn it to low setting or it gets too cold1
    have owned a Smart since they first came to Canada – have a Smart universe traier and go from one coast to the other

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