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There was a long time where I hardly every thought of native American things until suddenly in early 92 I was ready to learn more again. I bought the book “Buffalo Woman Comes Singing” by Brooke Medicine Eagle. I just loved the book and when in 94 a white buffalo calf was born in the USA I got goosebumps. The native story of white buffalo calf woman.


The Story about the White Buffalo

I found this posted by Raina as stationary for outlook express at a stationary newsgroup quite some time ago.

white buffalo

white buffalo

“The white buffalo was believed by the Plains Indians to be the child of Father Sun. The Indians would hang a white buffalo robe outside in the sunlight near the medicine man’s tee-pee as an offering to the sun.  Indian Chiefs carried a white buffalo robe into battle believing that it would shelter them from any harm.The Cheyenne, Mandan, and Pawnee Indians worshiped the white buffalo. They believed him to be “good medicine.” When a white buffalo was slaughtered, great care was taken so as not to anger the gods. Some of their medicine men used white robes in ceremonies to cure illness. The Pawnee would often keep white robes as part of their medicine bundles or would wrap the bundles in a white robe.

The most famous white buffalo of all time was born in captivity at the National Bison Range in western Montana in May of 1933. He had blue eyes, and the only normal coloring on the animal’s whole body was a woolly knot of brown hair between his horns. By the time he was two years old, he was becoming a well known tourist attraction on the National Bison Range, and he had become known as “Big Medicine.” In May, 1937 the white bull’s mother, bred by Big Medicine, her own son, gave birth to a pure albino calf. The calf was completely white with white hoofs and pink eyes but was totally blind. At the age of six months he was shipped to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. for public display where he remained until his death in 1949. Back in Montana the calf’s father, Big Medicine, developed into an extra ordinarily fine animal. Thousands of tourists came to view him every summer until his death in August, 1959 at the ripe old age of 26. Bob Scriver of Browning, Montana spent two years mounting the remains of Big Medicine for posterity. Today his figure remains as a popular tourist attraction at the Montana State Historical Society Museum in Helena, Montana.”

Thanks to Bear Woman (who sent me the following email on June 28, 2003), I have fixed an error in the above story. I have replaced the word ‘God’ with the word Father in connection with the word ‘sun’.

I hope you do not find this email to be offensive but I just wanted to comment on your white buffalo article. However you make reference to worship and the sun god….In the plains indian’s beliefs there are no gods. The sun is refered to as Father Sun…like an ancestor. There is no worship…We give thanks to all of the Creator’s (Great Spirit) creations….the White Buffalo being a Sacred animal.

Just my 2 cents. Thank you
Bear Woman




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