ToothPick Baskets

While playing around with bamboo toothpicks, Styrofoam trays, assorted lids and beads, it suddenly struck me that I could make a small basket. To my surprise it was very easy to make really cute, lightweight containers in various shapes.



  • Styrofoam tray or foamboard
  • vitamin bottle lids, deep yogurt or ice cream container lids
  • bamboo toothpicks
  • beads or chick peas with a hole drilled
  • wool, cotton yarn
  • electric drill
  • glue (craft or glue gun)
  • scissors or wire cutter


  • Cut Styrofoam tray or foamboard into desired shape (circle, guitar shape), if using a lid (pill lid or ice-cream lid) fill the lid with Styrofoam or foamboard. It takes about 2-3 layers depending on the thickness of the lid. This gives the toothpicks a better hold. Also with lids drill the holes with a drill. Mark the points for the toothpicks on the base. I placed them about ¼inch from the edge and about ¼inch apart. Try to come up with an uneven number, it is easier to weave that way.
  • Insert toothpicks at the marked spots. Put a dab of glue at the tip to give it a better hold (tacky glue or glue gun).
  • Take any kind of yarn or wool and start weaving around the toothpicks, in front one and behind the next. With an uneven number of toothpicks it will automatically alternate.

    • Should you end up with an even number, just circle the last toothpick in the row and weave backwards the way you came and reverse each row. It works, I’ve done it. Once you’ve decided how tall you want your basket to be, just cut the toothpicks. Wire cutters work better than scissors.
  • There are various ways to finish the basket. In the brown one I’ve used beads glued to the top of the toothpicks to stop the weave from unraveling.
  • In the guitar pick baskets I’ve made a braid and glued it on top of the toothpicks and then around the outside and inside just below the top. I’ve also glued it on the outside of the base and at the base of the weave. It makes for a cleaner finish.

  • Both my husband and my son play the guitar and they have a lot of guitar picks, so when I bought a guitar shaped cookie cutter, I got the idea to make them a very unique guitar pick holder. I traced the cookie cutter and scanned it. Then I enlarged the shape to about 7 inches and went to work.

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