What is Swiss Folkmusic?

Growing up in Switzerland I did not like Swiss folkmusic. They call it ‘Ländler’ as its origins are from the country folk (land) and yes, yodeling is included in that. I always found it old-fashioned and backwards. My parents weren’t to keen on it either. But to my surprise my mother in her old age has developed a liking to it that I still can’t understand. I just find it corny. At the same time, however, I can use it to explain that Switzerland has its own folkmusic tradition.

Along with music also goes the traditional outfit. In German it is called a ‘Tracht’ a traditional national costume. Each Kanton in Switzerland has their own costume, so there is a wide variety in colors and looks.

This article on Newly Swissed shows both the music and the costumes very nicely.

This is the video from the Newly Swissed article:

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